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Since the fifteenth century, a patronage relationship blossomed between artists and collectors. As a result, the art market has continuously expanded, creating today’s global industry of interlinked art markets that has been valued at over $60 billion in recent years with an increase in value of 62% over the decade¹.

Passion and beauty have always been at the heart of an art collection – from the desire to collect to the wish of leaving a lasting legacy. Your art collection represents a unique personal asset and a significant investment that must be well-managed, safeguarded and preserved with dedication.

Passionate about art, ASHA is an independent art advisory providing art and collectables management services for private collectors, family offices, private banks and wealth management institutions seeking to integrate collecting into their overall wealth management strategy. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we dedicate ourselves to addressing comprehensive management for the lifetime of your art collection and other collectables.

As a single point of contact, ASHA offers guidance and bespoke support in the conservation, valuation, transaction, legal, insurance, tax, inheritance and succession administration of your collection.

Working together, we can accompany you through every phase of defining, planning and executing the optimal strategy to guarantee effective governance of your collection while assuring complete confidentiality.

As an independent advisor with extensive expertise in the world of art and the related industry, ASHA works with an interdisciplinary group of hand-picked experts that craft tailormade solutions to nurture your art collection to achieve its highest potential.



Our story

We take our name, ASHA, from an ancient female deity in the Persian tradition who embodies the importance of Art and Culture in our civilisations as a form of catharsis, giving intellectual and moral elevation through contemplation. This goddess represents Harmony, Truth and Cosmic Order.

Art and Culture management have always been at the heart of Lara Milosevic’s focus. After her initial work on looted artwork, she has dedicated herself to preserving and conserving corporate and private collections in different contexts, such as for luxury watchmaker Piaget and for private clients in Switzerland, France, Morocco and Japan. She is also active in promoting the conservation of cultural heritage of indigenous communities in South America. Lara is an art historian with a degree at Geneva University and a Project Management qualification from Berkeley University.




ASHA works closely with a network of experts from different and complementary backgrounds in art, finance, tax, insurance, logistics and law. Delivering the best of this collaborative expertise is our strength, ensuring that Asha’s solutions are tailor-made for you.



Collection management

We document, inventory, catalogue and conserve your fine art collection and collectables such as watches, antiques, jewellery, fine wines and classic cars. The conservation and tracking of your collection are recorded with data management tools, and this information informs critical decisions such as insurance, loans, sales or inheritance management. If and when needed, we can restore your art collection to ensure its preservation.

  • Inventory, centralise artwork details and appraising history
  • Due diligence, provenance, expertise, authenticity analyses
  • In-depth research and analysis reports
  • Condition reports
  • Conservation
  • Museum and exhibition loans
  • Collection governance
  • Taxation and succession planning

Valuation & Insurance coverage

Your collection needs to be expertly assessed and valued. As a consequence, it also requires insurance commensurate to its value. We monitor the value of your collection and ensure that it is accordingly insured.

  • Value assessments (for estate planning, sales, restoration and art financing)
  • Bespoke art insurance solutions (coverage, risk assessment and negotiating rates)

Buying & Selling

We assist you in identifying, finding and buying the art pieces that will shape your collection. We help define the appropriate sales strategies and act as your conduit in establishing links with galleries, museums, and auction houses that could be part of the transaction.

  • Establishing links with the art market
  • Market analysis, price tracking
  • Due diligence, provenance, expertise, authenticity analyses
  • Bidding and selling at auctions

Contract advisory

Management of legal negotiations that require careful attention in specific areas and phases according to the life cycle of your art collection.

  • Negotiating and stipulating terms and conditions for all art-related contracts and transactions
  • Structuring and reviewing contracts
  • Loan agreements

Collection logistics

Organisation and supervision for the packing,  shipment and storage of the collection, respecting all the conservation norms required and appropriate for your art. We take care of all import, export, VAT, and taxes administration and supervise all logistics involved.

  • Organizing suitable art storage, including VAT-free storage in freeports
  • Packing, shipment, storage
  • Customs logistics

Art Market & Wealth reports

  • Art market research and reports
  • Reporting on the consolidated view of your art collection wealth
¹ Sales in the Global Art Market 2009-2019, Arts Economics (2020).



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